Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Tour with Hellvar - Heiða's Diary # 4 & # 5

# 4
Indeed a lazy Sunday, off-day. Only time I went out today was to go to a real English Sunday roast in a real English family. It was wonderful. I read a bit, listened to a bit of radio, had a bath and dozed around the flat. Tomorrow we rehearse and then on Tuesday there is a gig in Leicester. 

# 5
Monday, Monday. Not a bad Monday at all. Woke up to go out for a walk at 09.00 AM. Had made a promise to myself, after having stayed inside almost the whole Sunday, to explore more of Kettering, and to find a café I could call my hangout, and where there would be excellent coffee and good vibes to write. Found it, it is called Cortados, and has spanish tapas, good coffee, nice tea-selection and great people. Love my new hangout, actually went there twice today. In between those two times I went to rehearsal with Hellvar. We added 4 songs to the mix. Now I’m all done with this Monday, gonna go read a book. See you in Leicester tomorrow night!

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