Sunday, February 22, 2015

On Tour with Hellvar - Heiða's Diary # 7 & # 8

# 7

Woke up this morning in London, always a pleasant feeling. We had had a strangely packed day yesterday, with a new tattoo and a train-ride and London transport and dinner on the run and a jam session evening and a ride home in the London-by-night, special Franck-mobile, so bed and rest was extremely called for. 10 o’clock I woke to do yoga, and had killer breakfast, played some brass instruments and went for a walk. Kinda hanging around in Crystal Palace, and am gonna get back to Franck’s place in a minute and start finding my way up to Fulham. Tonight we play in the Southern Belle, very excited about that. 

# 8

Train-ride from London to Bedford was a trip! Listened to an album called “Ecstasy”, a solo-album by Lou Reed that is absolutely fantastic, and goes down very well in a train. Bedford turned out to be quite the rock’n’roll town. We got a great soundcheck, great soundwoman doing it, and we ended up hearing everything on stage and having a rocking powerful sound out!!! This helped to make it an excellent show, and the regulars at Danny’s Bar were even happy. Sold a few cd’s and T-shirts, had many many nice conversations, laughed a lot. Drove home in Steve’s van listening to Dub side of the moon, a great discovery. Tonight Hellvar rocks out in Kettering´s The Old Market Inn

Photos by Franck Alba 

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