Saturday, February 14, 2015

On Tour with Hellvar - Heiða's Diary # 1 and # 2

Heiða's Diary

# 1 

From 5 am to 5 pm we were either in a plane or in a car. We arrived  at Gatwick around noon, Andri, Bogi, Elvar and Heiða, and we found our instruments in one piece, thank you very much! We waited for Alexandra, coming from Stockholm, and when everyone had pissed and smoked and drank coffee and eaten and smoked and had more coffee, we left for the first part of the roadtrip….. Costa Coffee and Marks and Spenser’s are to England what McDonalds is to U.S.A: All over the highway to Hellvar.

# 2
Woke at 9, did a radio-interview. walked around Kettering got strings and David Bowie songbook with chords. Everybody looks nice and friendly and there is a market in the center and a lot of magic in the air. Northhamtonshire is blowing me away with beauty and peace. We ate at a nice café up the road, went to a rehearsal studio, got back, I went swimming and got laughed for showering naked, had indian food for dinner, went to a very lively pub in which we play a week from now. Laughed a lot, and got back the first of course. Rest of Hellvar are out there with all of Kettering doing some crazy things, and I’m quite happy being back at the house. Super charged day. Now I need a rest.

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