History of Hellvar

History of Hellvar
Hellvar started in 2004 when the founding members Heiða Eiríksdóttir and Elvar Geir Sævarsson (Heiða + Elvar = Hellvar) moved to Berlin to study philosophy. 
Heiða had been singer in the band Unun (the band of ex-Sugarcube Thor Eldon & Dr. Gunni) which released 2 albums: “Super Shiny Dreams” (Iceland version of the CD was called “æ" and released one year earlier) and “Ótta" (Almost morning) (1999). 
Heiða made 2 solo albums “Svarið” (The answer) (2000) and a Charles Bukowski tribute entitled "Sun Fruit Grape Shine" (2003). Another album “tiufingurupptilguds” (2003) was made as Heiða & Heiðingjarnir (band members were Birgir Baldursson, Sverrir Ásmundsson & Elvar Geir Sævarsson). Material written for their rock band was rearranged for a drum machine. The band became a trio with Flosi þorgeirsson as bass player, who plays in the famous Icelandic band HAM

Early 2007 Hellvar became a quartet: Flosi left the band, but child prodigy Alexandra came on guitar and bass virtuoso Sverrir was added in the line-up. 
Together the two boys and two girls stir up a cocktail from electronica to new-wave with a twist of lime. Debut album "Bat out of Hellvar” was released in the end of 2007 and was the first release on the new Icelandic record label Kimi Records. The band toured in the USA, Germany and China. The band released their 2nd album "Stop that noise" on Kimi label in September 2011. At that moment Sverrir left the band because he moved with his family to Denmark.  

 Haukur of the band Morðingjarnir (The Murderers) joined the band as bass player.
 Hellvar Pin Made in China while on Tour

Hellvar 2011 Photographs (Most of them by Veerle Van Den Broeck)

Pin 2011
What's update
Elvar is working on a lot of essays for his studies in international politics. He will be done in a month or so, and then Hellvar could start gigging more. Heiða is starting work on the new children's album with Dr. Gunni. They will be recording this summer. Alexandra went to Belgium for a while and we asked our friend Aðalheiður Arna Björgvinsdóttir to sing the other vocal-bits. She also has a solo project called Death of a Scoobafish. She was so good, Hellvar wanted to keep her and next step would be to rehearse new material with her singing, as well as perhaps playing keyboards.
Alexandra is still in the band too, of course. On drums we now have Andri Geir Árnason, he replaced Birkir Fjalar Viðarson. Andri is also in Hljómsveitin Ég and Monterey, but has in the past played in Geirfuglarnir. Haukur Morðingi is working in visir.is full time, and is still our bass-player. The last time Hellvar played live was @ Paddy's 10 year anniversary gig on Thursday last week.
They dropped the computer during live-shows at this moment, so Hellvar is pure indie-rock!!!