Sunday, February 15, 2015

On Tour with Hellvar - Heiða's Diary # 3

I should be cool in a Hellvar T-shirt

# 3

Very varied mix of things today. After I slept in a little bit I went to the train-station to buy tickets for London next week. I sat down and wrote some poems. Had a sandwich, and as I was a good girl and finished my sandwich, I had a right to some desert (MaltEaster in the shape of a bunny rabbit, v.g.). I walked up to the old catholic church, and went in to get some proper goth-atmo. Must have worked because the first thing I saw when leaving the church was a small group of modern-time goths, with very weird and nice music coming out of bad speakers attached to someone’s phone. I tried following the group a bit to see where they would go, but I thought they spotted me so then I went to the local art gallery instead. Saw an exibit on Selfies, modern and old painting ones. great one, very well curated and both informative and entertaining. Got back, changed my chords, van came to pick us up. Loaded the van up, drove to Northampton /capital of goth in England, Bauhaus are from there. Loaded in, soundchecked, ate chinese, played,...

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