Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review of Hellvar @ Airwaves '13 by Bob Cluness

Energy is something that you couldn’t say HELLVAR lacked. Mind you this wasn’t too hard. They just understood that to create a bit of noise, all they needed was a drummer who seemed ready to kick the fuck out of his drums, and to employ what seemed like 27 guitarists on stage. It was the first moment of the night I had to whip out the trusty old ear plugs.
There’s a certain amount of comfort and familiarity with Hellvar for me (This is the third time I’ve ended up reviewing them at Airwaves), and their set of ’90s style post-grunge rock  was at once both recognisable and welcoming, playing classics from their canon such as “Ding an Sich,” “Anna Amma,” and “Falsetto” (AKA their T.A.T.U song). On stage they seemed brilliant gawky, but totally into what they were doing, especially singer Heiða, all decked out in her melted Halloween make up. They did premiere some new music, one track in particular having a really brawny and propulsive rhythm section. The small but hardcore group of fans (Hellvar-ettes? Hellvar-ites?) down at the front loved it.
Bob Cluness 

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