Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review of Hellvar @ Airwaves '13 by WCRXFM

31. October @ 20:50 @ Hressó
A band with four guitars can only be described as one thing: a guitar band. Not a huge revelation, but Hellvar fits the mold in every way possible. In addition to the four guitar players, they sprinkle in a bass, keys and one killer drummer allowing Hellvar to shoot out what can only be described as a “wall of distortion.” Needless to say, Phil Spector would be proud.  Influences range from My Bloody Valentine to Cocteau Twins and lead singer Heida exploits a dynamic vocal range beneath a staggering amount of feedback, which is nothing if not impressive. Even in Hressó’s chilly back patio venue, there were plenty of power chords and refreshingly loose stage banter to keep the crowd energized. New single “Nowhere” had people bobbing their heads before the band got towards the end of their set, concluding: “This is our worship Satan song.” Adorned in face paint with an upside down cross on her forehead, Heida and Co. looked the part, and more importantly: played the part.

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