History of Texas Jesús

Texas Jesús
The origin of the band Texas Jesús lies in 1992 when singer Sigurður Óli Pálmason (Siggi) & bass player Sverrir Ásmundsson performed the Ástardúet.
Drummer Jón Ólafur Erlendsson (Jonni) of the young boys band Hugsjón (Icelandic for "idea") joined the duo. Marteinn Guðberg Valdimarsson was the next, he played the keyboards. Slaggígjuleikari Bergur Sigurðsson, gamalll félagi þeirra. Material was written in the winter @ school (Holtaskóla in the town of Keflavík). 
Einar Jónsson, the guitarist of Hugsjón joined after being asked by Jonni. It's April 1993.
They need a band's name. The group was inspired by "New Jesus" David Koresh who caused a massacre on the 19. April 1993 @ the American town Waco in Texas.
The first recording was a cassette release entitled “Njömmslu Tjömmslu”. Hunderd copies were made & sold. In the beginning of 1994 Einar Jónsson went to FranceFróði Finnsson became the guitarist ad interim.  You can hear his gitar in the song “Halaklippa” featured on the Bad Taste compilation album (to celebrate 50 years of the Republic Iceland) “Smekkleysa í hálfa öld” (1994). In 1996 the band performed in Finland & Denmark. Around that time the first album "Jæja Vinur" (Yes, friends) was released. Until today it's the only album they made, and a copy is hard to find. In 2008 there was a sort of reunion of the band. They started to rehearse the old stuff. But no gigs followed the possible reunion, with members in Denmark & Iceland it's not that easy.