Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hellvar digital distribution by Ching Ching Bling Bling

Hellvar was formed in Berlin in 2004 when Elvar (Dys, Heiðingjarnir) and Heiða (Unun, Dys, Heiðingjarnir) decided to participate in the electro-scene there. The two of them played with a drum-machine, and in this format they wrote songs for their first album, „Bat out of Hellvar“, released in 2007. Back in Iceland Hellvar evolved from the electro-punk-duo to a full-blown five-piece rockband.
In 2011 they put out „Stop that Noise“, an album that spread the word and their music to a much broader group of listeners. Today Hellvar has become somewhat of a rock super-group. Along with Elvar and Heiða there‘s Alexandra Ósk banging guitars and singing, Birkir (I Adapt) drumming, and Haukur (Morðingjarnir) bass-playing. Together they form a guitar-rock-entity that flows all over like a newly erupted lava. As a live act, Hellvar is erm, „lively“, and a very happy bunch, and you can expect anything.
The future of the Hellvar-kids is bright!
Hellvar on Bandcamp

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