Friday, November 11, 2011

Hellvar í beinni úr Stúdíói 12 - Hellvar in the Icelandic radio this afternoon - 3 Songs live: "Falsetto", A Human League cover & brand new song

An acoustic Hellvar set (with Haukur on bass) was broadcasted directly live on the National Icelandic Radio (RÚV) station Rás 2 in the program Poppland 

- "Falsetto" of the 2nd album "Stop that noise" album (Kimi Records, 2011).
- A Cover of the Human League classic "Don't you want me", a favorite song of Heiða Eiríks.
- Also a brand new song "It's called "ræ ræ ræ". The explanation behind this song is provided by Heiða:
"æ ræ ræ" is what icelandic people sing when they don't know the lyrics to some song and are dead drunk. (when they are not drunk they sing "la la la" by the way). But ræ is also from the verb "að róa" which means to row a boat. It is a game of words, a pun."
Streaming of the appearance for a while here: Poppland: 110 min until 133 min.

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